Fifty Shades vs Five Shades of Grey

grey black shoesFifty Shades of Grey Movie

As the hype about the movie Fifty Shades is concluding, I searched the internet and chatted with friends to compare my opinion of the book and the movie with others. I enjoyed the books but thought the movie lacked the distinct characteristics that I had anticipated. Many of my friends thought the movie was cute. Online reviews were mixed between worst ever and best ever. My opinion is that the movie was ambiguous in its theme. My sometimes over analytical mind thought the movie did very little to convey a message about an alternative lifestyle, known as BDSM. However, it did perchance make pain and pleasure more mainstream. All the same, for women just opening the doors to learning, exploring, and expressing their sexuality I would caution watching this movie without sound self awareness. I am not well read on the complete culture of BMSM but enough to know that Christian Grey is a fictitious character and that the movie only introduced five of the fifty shades of the Grey lifestyle!


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