I Love Bernie Sanders, But This is Why I’m Supporting Hillary

I Love Bernie Sanders, But This is Why I'm Supporting Hillary


Bernie Sanders has been named an honorary woman and is legendary for his support of women’s issues. Bernie Sanders has been vocal about supporting the reproductive rights of women and approves increasing funding for Planned Parenthood which offers millions of women healthcare education and services. Sanders recognize that women’s rights go far beyond ones opinion for or against abortion. Sanders knows that middle class families, who traditionally receive no financial help often struggles with quality and affordable childcare. He believes in lessening the burden and making quality childcare available for all families. Bernie Sanders, if elected has vowed to sign the Paycheck Fairness Act because he acknowledges the wage gap in America. So, with all the pledged support that Bernie Sanders offer to women why are women supporting Hillary Clinton.


This is not journalism. This is my blog, where I express my opinions, and I explain them. That said, this is the rant about the Democratic Primary I’ve been holding back for months. So prepare yourself for some feelings. I’ll never forget how delighted I was during the 2012 […]

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