Respect for Time

shining 2Respect For Time
Let me begin by saying that if I, if we agree to meet up, hang out, in short, spend time together then I ask of one thing: be in the moment and respect the time we have together. Perhaps I have reached a selfish and, to some people, slightly unreasonable point in my life wherein I request the same respect that I give in regard to appreciating time spent with others.

For that friend, lover, co-worker there was some mutual attraction or common interest that caused us to, for some purpose, resolve to meet one another for coffee, drinks, dinner or perhaps a movie. But then the cell phone rings, buzzes or some other loud indication that you have a message. Then another and another. Now engaging in full conversation. Ah, were you being polite when you boldly informed me that it’s your friend, another co-worker, or your lover. How thoughtful you would appear if only I allowed myself to believe that I was and that my time is of no consequence.

There I would sit fidgeting and feeling invisible and foolish. Feeling invisible as I watch my companion delighted in conversation. Feeling foolish that I reasonably ensured that my friend would have my attention for the time that we would spend together. Karma? Maybe. I have in the past been guilty of disregarding the time that others had given to me. Have our lives become so involved and busy that we do not have the time to dedicate to one person at a time? Or is it simply we do not care? I no longer make plans when I cannot be in the moment and give whoever I am with the better part of my attention. Accordingly, I do not stay in the presence of someone who has no time for the moment. Not the end of a friendship, association, or relationship just taking my time back.


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