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I am a freelance writer launching a new writing project dedicated to women about women. I am seeking your help in making this project come to life!

The purpose of my project is to help women find and tell their story. Everyone has a story to tell- and it is my mission to help get that story out. It is my sincere belief that stories are tools that heal and empower others. Allowing your story to be heard will change minds and inspire so many others.
I guarantee that the event(s) of your life that you share with me will be written with compassion and non-judgment. You tell me your story and I will bring it to life.
Please email me your story at the email address below. Your story can be on almost any topic that concerns women in relationships, life, work, and education. I will respond to your email within 5 days.
Some of the topics that I have received are: Toxic relationships, Marriage, Getting over infidelity, Learning to respect self first, Empowerment, and Equal pay in the workforce.

Need help? Send me an email and I will send you my list of suggestions to get you started on telling your story.

Let’s get started today!


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