The Big Why

The Big Why

There is danger in getting comfortable with not reaching for or chasing your potential. We find excuses and really start to believe those excuses. What happens to our mind when what propelled us out of bed is no longer our motivator. We think we want a life with minimal responsibility. We believe we are somehow better off if we avoid failure by not having to show up for the demands that once was. Sometimes we expect this great vision that pushes us out of the slump we are in. We listen to and read all of the right books. We listen eagerly-and await feeling energized, for those short moments- only to let another day pass to do nothing that we feel passionate about.
Then one day it hits. We are reminded, through some seemingly unrelated event or in my case a seemingly meaningless conversation that plays over and over again in my head. A conversation that drove me to get motivated and reconnect with my passion.

Do you have a big why — a compelling purpose that propels you through your life, forcing you out of bed every day, and fueling your passion? What do you do when that why is concealed? It has been a while since I’ve written a public blog post. I […]

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